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To start with, Gear Phoenix is an Australian-based steroid shop that deals with both clean and fake steroids. As such, if you’re paranoid about the quality of Masteron or any bodybuilding supplement for that matter, this is definitely not the ideal store to transact with. We were particularly concerned with its very poor ranking by top reviewers, abnormally high number of complaints by past customers, and scam advisory agencies that declare the site as risky and unreliable.


Gear Phoenix sells these two suspicious Masteron products.
Even worse is its endorsement by yet another scam website, Buy-Steroids, which is openly advertised on Gear Phoenix’s homepage. Our digging revealed that this is a fake site that usually targets newbies who know very little about this other evil twin.

To this end, therefore, our advice is for you to be extra careful while transacting here. We also encourage you to leave any testimonials and experiences you might have regarding Gear Phoenix in the user comment box below.


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Gear Phoenix is an Australian-based steroid shop that deals with both legal and illegal steroids. As you can imagine, this is not the best place to buy Masteron online especially if you are concerned about customs.

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