Where to buy Masteron

The Other Esters And Mixes Of Masteron

This element is hugely important if you’re an athlete or aesthetic competitor who takes part in regularly tested competitions.

Detection Times

Testing positive is almost definitely going to ruin your career if you compete at a professional level, and at best it’ll leave you with a hefty suspension from the sport or even a fine.

Make sure you don’t get caught by observing the following guidelines:

  • Masteron propionate can be detected in the system for up to a 3 week period
  • Masteron enanthate can be detected in the system for up to a 3 month period

It’s crucial that you make sure all usage of masteron stops with enough time left over following your last administration to guarantee that you can “slip through” the testing net unnoticed.

If you take a test at any stage before the maximum detection time has passed, then it’s highly likely that you’ll get caught with the substance in your blood stream.

Keeping Your Gains After A Masteron Cycle

This part is easy in theory, but many people get it chronically wrong. Realistically, this element is all about sensible nutrition and ensuring that you run an effective PCT window. If you don’t run a PCT window, the lack of testosterone in your system will mean that you’ll find it tremendously difficult to keep hold of your hard earned mass.

Assuming this is in place, you’ll also need to eat effectively to keep hold of the lean tissue you’ve developed. You first need is to perform a body fat percentage test to determine how much of your body is lean muscle, and how much is fat. Once you know (in pounds) what your lean mass weight is, you can then figure out how much protein you need to consume in order to maintain it.

You should consume 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight – keep these guidelines in mind, and head onto freedieting.com. Select the daily calorie total calculator, then answer the relevant questions and observe the figure it gives you in regards to maintenance calories. Taking this number, head on to the nutrient ratio calculator and put the calorie total in – select the “moderate” split for an even balance of all nutrients.

Finally, check that the grams of protein per day amount is in line with what you should be taking in (in regards to 1 gram per pound of lean mass) – if it’s slightly under, you can simply add this figure on to be sure, but the chances are that it’ll be an almost exact match. You now need to choose how many meals you wish to eat per day, and you’re ready to go. Eating in accordance with this nutrient split will almost definitely guarantee that you maintain almost all of the mass you developed on cycle.

Masteron Mixes

On occasion (and it’s a rare occasion), you’ll find masteron mixes for sale containing a blend of both the propionate and enanthate variants of the masteron compound. In theory, this provides a hard hitting “surge” of masteron as a result of the inclusion of the propionate ester, followed by a slower, drip fed release as a result of the inclusion of the enanthate ester. With this in mind, one may deem it to be somehow “superior” to any other blend on offer.

In practice, however, blends like this often end up being suitable for the same purpose as the standard long chain ester variant without providing any noticeable additional benefits. Should you wish to perform a cycle that lasts 12 weeks or more in length, it’d make sense to use either a mix or standard enanthate. Should your cycle run for less time than that though, then the propionate version would probably suit your needs better.

As with anything, there is always a temptation to chase the “best” version of something in order to gain optimum benefit, and that’s certainly the case with anabolic compounds. You’ll find various exotic mixes out there that have been created with an aim to “perfect” a certain compound (in this case masteron.) It’s very rare that they’re actually able to offer any surplus benefit to the standard long or short chain variants of the product they are based on though.

One notable exception would be sustanon due to the addition of the decanoate ester (meaning it lasts longer in the system than most standard testosterone enanthate variants) but other than that, the efficiency of many of the other blends (including this one) is largely open to debate and certainly doesn’t feature enough scientific backing to discern their effectiveness on the whole.