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Masteron Propionate

A key aspect of propionate’s use is its effectiveness as part of a shorter duration cycle.



Benefits of Masteron Propionate

Being the first variant of this steroid ever released, it probably stands to reason that this version has always been somewhat more popular than its enanthate “brother.”

It’s also arguably far more accessible than the enanthate variant too – initially this statement may confuse you being that the propionate version needs to be administered more frequently, but when we fully discern its unique traits you’ll begin to understand why this is the case and in what instance it may be relevant. In regards to a functional capacity, both versions are largely going to deliver the same results.

Some experienced anabolic users claim that the propionate variant is more “powerful”, but in reality this is somewhat of a misunderstanding on their part and relates to the manner in which this version is released into the system. Because propionate has a bit of an “all at once” integration approach, this means that the active levels of the compound are going to be higher in the system during the product’s integration.

However, these levels are soon going to drop off, hence why administration is going to be needed again the next day in order to optimise the levels of the substance present within the body and sustain them. In a sense, it is true that the measurable level of masteron being higher means that this version is more “powerful”, but at the same time, enanthate is going to produce exactly the same level of output though it will simply be spread out over a longer duration.

This comparison highlights a fairly common occurrence within the anabolic industry whereas users are often in search of the “best” or are quick to label an item as the “best” without providing a fair and rational analysis of a substance’s individual traits. It’s actually thanks to the slow burning release of enanthate that users are able to benefit from bi-weekly injections as opposed to having to administer them daily whilst still achieving the same benefit – in terms of convenience, that’s a fantastic asset in its own right.

Staying on the subject of propionate though, whilst the shorter “active” life of the compound might seem like an inconvenience, it is actually vital when we’re considering the needs of a first time user. No matter who you are, you should always aim to run an anabolic compound within a minimal dosage capacity (minimal whilst still being a high enough dose to provide benefit, of course) and in the most risk-free manner possible during your first “run-in” with it.

This is where enanthate variants can be tremendously risky, as they last for anywhere up to one – two weeks in the system at any one time. You might be wondering what this means for you as a first time user, and the answer is simply that it could either mean a great deal, or it could mean nothing.

Side-Effects of Propionate

What we are concerned with, however, is ensuring that the latter statement ends up being the outcome. As a result, your initial phase should always be based around the propionate version. Hypothetically speaking, you may be unlucky enough to manifest potent adverse issues as a result of some facet of your genetics not agreeing with the compound.

If that were the case, you would either face the sustenance of potentially highly uncomfortable side effects for up to a week or more, or merely for roughly a-24 hour window. This is why (in terms of safety reasons at least) you should never use an enanthate version of any product when you’re running either an isolated or multi product cycle for the first time.

When you’ve successfully performed a short ester cycle combination, you may then perform a long ester combination on your next go round. The same is true of the use of isolated products – always go with the shorter ester version first before moving onto the enanthate (should an enanthate be available).

This is going to be one of the most effective means of guaranteeing optimum safety; you simply won’t have to tolerate any negative issues for an extended time frame should they rear their ugly head. Another aspect of propionate use is its effectiveness as part of a shorter duration cycle. Some cycles only last for roughly 8 weeks and are of a particularly “harsh” nature.

When this is the case, propionates are often preferred for their short, sharp activity within the body. This leads to a constant state of “advanced” build-up of all product types contained within the system as opposed to a drip fed compound release. Obviously, this does mean that you’d have to administer more frequently, but those who perform these cycle types believe it to be an acceptable compromise.